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NIMBLE™ Overview

Introducing NIMBLE - Naval Incident Management and BattleSpace Logistics Engine

NIMBLE™ Capabilities

Explore the key features of NIMBLE to appropriately detect, respond and contain an incident.

Dynamic Applications

See how Nimble can be implemented in Battle and Cyber spaces, Prototyping and more.

The NIMBLE™ Solution

NIMBLE™ provides continuous real time views which highlight the current and future posture of shipboard systems. The real time views establish the ability to appropriately detect, respond and contain an incident.​

NIMBLE™ is innovative

Take advantage of a revolutionary knowledge-based Digital\Virtual Twin.

Ground Breaking Technology

Deliver validated action checklists for the management, maintenance, and safety of ships.

NIMBLE™ preserves capital assets

Mitigate billions of dollars in damage caused by core deficiencies in information management, routine maintenance execution, and overall human failure.

Sensor based Common Operation Picture

SCOP provides stakeholders with real-time crisis information.

NIMBLE™ reduces loss

Minimize loss and damage to capital level ships and submarines

Increases Proactivity

NIMBLE™ increases stakeholders’ proactivity it expedites decision making prior to and during high-stress and life threatening events.

See what AI powered decision support can do for you

Solution Capabilities

NIMBLE™: Naval Incident Management and BattleSPACE Logistics EnGINE

Situational Awareness

Improved situational awareness with accurate SCOP technology

Model-based Guidance

Model-based guidance for shipboard incident management; rescue and evacuation

Portal Views

Gain quick access to relevant data with focused portal views.

Geospatial Awareness

Increases geospatial awareness of assets, resources and damage control systems

Real-time Updates

Get real-time automated updates and time-saving process updates

Multi-team Support

Improves and increases availability of immediate response plans across teams

Immediate Status

Provides immediate details of system and resource status

Advanced Coordination

Enables multi-organizational coordination and cross jurisdictional awareness


”Supervisory Decision Support” delivered by interactive GUI’s with underlying AI reasoning to expedite and automate actions.

Dynamic Applications

NIMBLE™ is a dynamic innovation that can impact many spheres. In addition to the current Navy use case. modules of NIMBLE can be developed for implementation in the following areas:

The following shows aspects of an important primary user-case, it explains how NIMBLE’s implementation overlaps several areas of Naval Preparedness; Crisis Management; Crisis Communication and Stakeholder Event participation. You will be able to see NIMBLE’s potential for positive impact well as accountability and how its adoption and implementation can be a transforming process.

USS Bonhomme Richard

USS Bonhomme Richard

Timeline – Explosion after 3HRS
0750 – Fire starts (estimate)
0802 – Lower V looks foggy
0810 – Crewman runs to OOD to report
0814 – OOD reports to DC central
0815 – Investigator dispatched
0817 – Investigator call away an incident to OOD
0818 – OOD tells DC Central to call it away
0822 – OOD heard nothing so called away at QD
0826 – FEDFire dispatched
0829 – FEDFire arrives at ship.
0829 – DC locker manned and ready
0839 – FEDFIRE evaluates situation

Original Timeline Cont'd

0838 – Shipboard FF initial get to lower-v
0925 – SDFD tries to find fire
0930 – FedFire assumes control
0933 – SDFD find fire
0935 – FEDFIRE & SDFD encounter each other in upper-V (No Water on fire)
0940 – EDO ordered IET to exit …
0944 – SDFD reenters BHR Lower deck but withdraws due unfamiliarity with ship layout
0944 – Aft shore power secured *integration point
0951 – FIRST AGENT ON FIRE – after 2hrs
1037 – Evacuation ordered


Timeline with NIMBLE™

Fire Extinguished after 35 mins

0750 – Fire starts (estimate)
0751 – Sensors detect Smoke
0751 – DC & OOD alerted
0751 – White Smoke called away
                 investigator to depart DC Central
0756 – Investigator calls away
0756 – 1MC announcement made
0803 – Repair locker manned and ready
0805 – FedFire arrives on scene
0810 – Both Fire Team dispatched

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