Artificial Intelligence

and Machine Learning

At E3S, AI has evolved from a service into a whole division AI Masterminds focus daily on AI Operations
and AI Research, tackling complex challenges. We develop/innovate processes; applications and
responses that transform and positively impact organizations. Our AI & ML services seek to connect the
dots between need and solution!


Advanced Technology



This division leverages over 100 combined years of AI expertise in developing AI, machine learning,
model-based engineering, and decision support systems for both government and commercial industry.
Our AI SMEs support across our industries of practice including Space, Defense and SLED.

AI/ML Practices

  • Rapid prototyping and Testing
  • AI/ML Modeling​
    • Linear Regression
    • Deep Neural Networks
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Trees
    • AI Linear Discriminant Analysis
    • CNN

Our experience implementing AI/ML includes:

  • Model Development, Training, Testing, Deployment, and Validation​ 
  • Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Solutions​ 
  • Process Monitoring and Intelligent Alarming​ 
  • Condition-based Maintenance​ 
  • HMI Design for Situation Awareness​ 
  • AIOps- Cybersecurity Oversight and Assurance​ 
  • Enterprise and Operational Intelligence Solutions​ 
  • Mission Critical Software Quality Assurance​ 
  • Problem, Solutions Discovery, and Ideation  
  • Infrastructure, Architecture & Code Reviews 
  • Deployment of Integrated Cognitive Computer Systems 
  • Intelligent & Autonomous Systems 
  • Digital Twin modeling 
  • Crisis Management Decision Support
  • Computer Vision

The Digital Twin emphasizes three important characteristics: The connections between the physical model, the corresponding virtual model, and the real-time data connections. It goes beyond mirroring visuals!

E3S couples these twins tightly within our AI reasoning engine software. This allows users to rapidly exploit the benefits – including model-based systems engineering, requirements traceability and management, offline analysis from historical data, online state and health assessment, automated scheduling and planning, system level test and validation, guided maintenance, and operator training – just to name a few.  

Model Based Engineering

We utilize best-of-breed artificial intelligence object-oriented design platforms and design methodologies that not only graphically depict the operating environment, but also prognosticate alert the human or autonomous controllers of system health issues that need correction.

Our version of this practice, known as Model Based Engineering (MBE), is consistent with the notion of the Digital Thread, where related domain models are used to achieve benefits throughout the project lifecycle. They are also useful after deployment for software maintenance and operator training.

E3S’ platform software, Nimble, has incorporated an MBE modeling infrastructure that supports the rapid creation of “Digital Thread Ready” system domain models. Model creation is provided through graphical, drag-and-drop palettes that support configuration of model topology, along with component attributes, functions, relationships, failure modes, and projected usage.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

It is ‘Mission critical’ to create elements of self-sufficiency as systems evolve. Intelligent Autonomous systems enable the achievement of these goals while operating independently of external control and allowing for self-directedness and self-sufficiency. A thinking system must be equipped with the Intellect, Understanding, and Decision Logic necessary to complete the substantiation process.

For our purposes, the Idea can originate in any of the Will, Reason, or Understanding systems, but it is up to the Thought Process (nucleus) to develop it into a Concept. E3S employs a unique Intelligent Autonomous System architecture that provides true autotomy in many of our mission critical applications, whilst emphasizing Goal management, Planning and Self-adaptation. We also consider the important incorporation of ethics and safety components.

Though our support at the NASA Autonomous Systems lab, we have developed NPAS to support their autonomous operations.

At E3S, we are focused on being Masterminds; perfecting technology already in use and
developing the people around us to promote innovative thinking and cutting edge development
of new technologies to transform organizations and influence client thinking. Read more about
our work and what we are doing.

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Observe > Orient >Decide > Act Thought System is where: Communication is controlled The thinking begins Thought activity is monitored Contemplation, consideration and self evaluation External Communications Network: Sensory and information input coming from...

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