E3S’ cybersecurity team are credentialed professionals providing innovative and affordable IT solutions. We work to understand your mission and structure and then we develop customized solutions including written policies and procedures or identify gaps in your existing policies to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Our goal is to provide engineering development and support for the reasoning software applications of the 21st century. Assuring dependable, timely, and cost-effective delivery of mission critical systems for all clientele.

Our expert-level technical assistance assures that your technology infrastructure is up-to-date, secure, and optimized for peak performance to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

General Cybersecurity Services:

Managed Security Services

Security Risk Management

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Services



Software Risk Assessment Services

Security Engineering

E3S tackles the technology and skill gaps that companies face when attempting to secure their data.
This is a priority because of the potential human impact on livelihoods and privacy of people across the
country and the globe.

There are wide-ranging negative results and technological fallouts when systems crash, and a
company’s Cyberhealth is compromised; companies experience threats to revenue, disruptions to
customer service, in turn, impacting job security.

Service Highlights

CISO Advisory Services

Your risk is minimized or eliminated with our policy strategies; astute and agile governance and
comprehensive cybersecurity frame-working.

Cybersecurity Audits/Assessments

We cover each point of vulnerability and potential means of access with our detailed analysis of policies, network vulnerabilities, and physical access to crucial network infrastructure.

Vulnerability Management

Your risk is minimized or eliminated with our policy strategies; astute and agile governance and
comprehensive cybersecurity frame-working.

Penetration Testing

Our tests (white, gray, or black) use the latest tools and techniques to demonstrate how a skilled attacker would gain unauthorized access and compromise systems.

Incident Response

Superior incident readiness, response services, and related network infrastructure, coupled with recovery and protection of essential data and access points following security incidents.

SIEM and Event Correlation

Development of information security continuous monitoring plans and policies, implementation of tools and sensors around the network.

Managed EDR

We use AI/ML, to perform threat hunting to detect malicious activity within and across the cyber kill chain, we also provide real time visibility into your endpoint security postures and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) support.



CISO Advisory Services

Vulnerability Management

Penetration Testing

Incident Response

SIEM and Event Correlation

Manage EDR

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Policy Development

Data protection is critical, so too are compliance and due diligence in securing you from increased threats. Our experienced team uses the NIST Risk Management Framework and industry best practices related to processes, policies, and technology. Rely on customized approaches, endpoint understanding and clarity on data-driven defenses or the advanced protection of 24/7 SOC or our FedRamp compliant, SINGULARITY-IT to secure your business’ network.

The Cyber-AI Synergy

We want clients to stay ahead of the curve. Our expertise in Applied AI/ML and Autonomous Systems can get you to the ‘next-level’ of cybersecurity and we can initiate out-of-the-box approaches to securing your enterprise environments.

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