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Our sound methodology is coupled with industry best-practices in agile software development and can help your organization succeed no matter what your environment maturity level is.

Application Development success for you depends on:

  • Integration of industry best-practices in agile software development.
  • The latest on-premises or cloud application development techniques.
  • Adherence to standards of Continuous Integration and deployment for secure DevOps.


Agile Software Development

E3S follows proven Agile development methods, comprising software development and solutions evolved through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional development teams as well as our customers. The results are adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, and rapid flexible response to change.

Our Agile Philosophy

  • Unlike traditional software engineering, our agile software development primarily targets complex ystems and product development with dynamic, non-deterministic and non-linear characteristics.
  • Requirements and design are held to be emergent.
  • Accurate estimates, stable plans, and predictions are often elusive in the early stages. Our Agile practitioners seek to close the often-present perception gaps that clients may have before any evidence of value is clearly seen.
  • E3S’ previous industry experiences, learned from years of successes and failures, have shaped our preferences for adaptive, iterative and evolutionary development.

Agile and Quality Focused

Tools and techniques used to improve quality, enhance product development agility, and demonstrate software for customers are:

    • CI/CD Pipelines
    • Automated unit testing for validation and verification
    • Object oriented design with reusable objects
    • Peer review
    • Decision tree analysis to improve uncertainty.
    • Behavior-driven development
    • Domain-driven design
    • Code refactoring

Secure DevOps

Quality work done through automation increases day-to-day productivity and eliminates incidences of human error.

We have software engineers steeped in all the best engineering practices available. Our experience ranges from customized enterprise software implementation methodologies to standard application development practices.

E3S can work with any open-source tools, for example, git, subversion, eclipse, maven, or even
implement continuous integration with Jenkins.

Delivery Benefits

    • Faster software product delivery
    • Safer delivered product with less bugs
    • Consistency and standardization
    • Applications are easily explained and better understood.
    • Easier post-training team transitions and onboarding of new members.
    • Productivity gains that lead to lower overall costs

Development in Containerized Micro-services Environments

Leveraging Containers and micro-services as part of the application development life cycle introduces organizations to some powerful benefits such as intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, and fast delivery of your applications. By pairing the use of containers with E3S’ DevSecOps methodologies, more secure and immutable applications are deployed into enterprise environments.

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