In today’s world more often, we are turning on the new or hearing about a company that had a major data breach. Due to this many leaders and company executives are seeking for ways to properly implement the correct security controls that will protect their business and customer.

Cybercrime is massive, the size or resources of an organization does not matter, data breaches can affect even the most protected infrastructures available and if anyone thinks the trend of data breaches will reduce in the coming years, I’m sorry to say they are wrong.

Based on a report by Juniper Research, by the year 2019, cybercrime will cost around $2.1 trillion. Often cybercriminals make use of crippling malware, ransomware, and many other methods to take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Because this is such a common battle that many organizations fight, there are many standards and best practices that help guide an organization to properly set up a security program such as NIST, ISO 27000 series, PCI, COBIT, HIPPA and many others. Requiring businesses to spend a lot on security tools and top-notch professionals that understand their business needs and the best fit.

MSSP vs In-house Security Team

To be able to monitor data transfer and avoid potential disasters, so

many organizations have hired and trained their own security and monitoring team dedicated to protect their organization 24/7. This, however, doesn’t work for all organization and will becomes very costly maintain and find qualified personal. which is why I want to talk about a trusted Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

An MSSP covers the security system and processes of a company and when properly select provide a level of expertise at a fraction of the cost of staffing a full in-house security team. The services of an MSSP often includes installing the security equipment in the infrastructure, round the clock monitoring of the system and ensuring that data is adequately protected.

Regardless if you are a global enterprise or a small business there are some benefits of utilizing a MSSP that is worth mentioning.

A major benefit of an MSSP is that they make use of the highest level of technology in protecting their clients. In today’s world, a lot of organizations and business have in-house IT experts who are on their payroll, however, compared to an MSSP the cost and ability to maintain this model can be a struggle.

Unbeatable Protection

This is one of the reasons a lot of executives prefer MSSP, when the right MSSP is selected they provide a faster adoption of solutions such as well-tested artificial intelligence, threat intelligence, machine learning and quick adoption of security controls. With the wide reach MSSP has, they possess up-to-date insights into the latest cybersecurity dangers.

As cybercriminals evolve, it is important that your MSSP team offer the correct services for monitoring of the internal information systems.

Advanced Technology

An MSSP can offer services that include the needed technology to prevent cybercrime. MSSP helps organizations or small businesses to save cost and avoid unpredictable monthly fees. Their wealth of experience makes them the best candidate to defend your business or organization from threats and can build organic solutions based on the specific need of a customer.

Saving on Technology

In comparison to firms that have independent IT professionals, MSSPs have the ability to spread the amount it will cost to procure new technology amongst their large client database thus ensuring that clients don’t spend so much on security threat assessment and monitoring.

As a matter of fact, an International Data Corporation(IDC) report discovered that companies or businesses who moved from independent IT experts to a Managed Security Service Provider decrease the cost of their IT infrastructures by about 24%.

One of the greatest benefits to obtaining a MSSP is that it helps to save cost significantly via technology investment. MSSPs are constantly updated with the latest technological innovations available, thereby safeguarding their clients against any global danger the cybercriminals produce next. Whereas Individual IT security firms find it difficult to invest in new technology because it is too expensive for them, likewise the cost it requires to license and train members of their staff.

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