Validating Advanced Arresting Gear for Today’s Navy

General Atomics developed, and installed on the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier, AAG HealthMap is a state-of-the art modular integrated Prognostic Health Management (PHM) system. It was designed to provide needed higher reliability and safety margins, as well as to automatically manage the arrestment of a greater range of aircraft and reduce the fatigue impact load to the aircraft and pilot.

D2K, an experienced developer of G2™ powered solutions, was awarded a contract to apply their industry standard test-driven design and test methodology to verify and validate the PHM software.

Validating Advanced Arresting Gear for Today’s Navy

A lack of standardized G2 software unit testing and code metric best practices has been an obstacle for  industry acceptance

NASA and General Atomics demand for compliance with industry best practices led to the development of G2 developers suite of tools

Test Driven Design (TDD)

  •  Write a test that fails
  •  Code until it passes
  •  Refactor (re-coding if it breaks)

Behavior Driven Design (BDD)

  •  “BDD is about implementing an application by describing its behavior from the perspective of its stakeholders”
  •  Requirements as User Stories
  •  Pull vs. Push based

Automated Testing using philosophy of jUnit, TestNG (example tools)

  •  Automated Report Generation
  •  Tests follow system through life-cycle.

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