NASA Universal Propellant Servicing System (UPSS)

  • Application development supports real-time ground support equipment (GSE)     for cryogenic propellant commodity (LO2 and LCH4)
  •  Support mitigation procedures that allows safe continuation of operations
  •  NASA Technology Readiness Level (TRL) from validation in laboratory   environments (Level 4) to validation in relevant environments (Level 5)

NASA Autonomous Operations Software (AOS) Architecture for APL

Autonomous Control – It includes the Sequencer Engine and a Sequence Plan sub-modules. This module enables creation, validation (by simulation of values), and execution of
sequences. The module can be locked to stop any commanding to real hardware and allow usage of simulated and/or playback data.

Integrated System Health Management – Root Cause Analysis: Includes capability for ISHM, such as anomaly detection, diagnosis, prognosis, reporting of anomalies, etc. Any number of users can Access any module of the ISHM-AC System from any computer that is in the network.

Mission Planning Support

  • Plan Execution
  • Redline Monitoring
  • Console Message
  • Timers