Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring addresses the problems associated with cyber criminals that are extremely motivated to steal digital data.


Whether it’s for financial, social, or political gain, your assets could be at risk. Criminals use strategies ranging from common phishing scams to more sophisticated and long-term attacks to disrupt your business activities, causing monetary damage.

Average breach detection time

205 Days

Average days to remediate a breach


Average daily cost


A Cutting Edge Approach To Cyber Security

With modern-day threats, it’s time to admit that anti-virus software and off-the-shelf tools simply won’t cut it. If your data is as important to you as your reputation, you need a robust cybersecurity plan in place that enables you to protect your digital assets around the clock

End-To-End Computing’s cutting-edge approach to cyber security helps you protect your mission critical data and client information from being breached. We deliver comprehensive, 24/7/365 monitoring, correlation, alerting, and threat intelligence services.

  • Save Time and Money in Integrating Multiple Third-Party Security Tools

  • Start Detecting Threats on Day One with Pre-Written Correlation Rules

  • Get Continuous Security Intelligence Delivered from AlienVault Labs

  • Smarter Incident Response

  • Remediation Recommendations and Noise Reduction Help You Work More Efficiently

  • Advanced Security Analytics and Deep Threat Infestations