Intel & CounterIntel

Intelligence Collection, Analysis, and Record Keeping


End to End offers a variety of IT services to support the Intelligence and counterintelligence efforts of select Government agencies. We provide these agencies with the latest technology and tools to help them collect, process, and analyze data. 


Intelligence is critical to the success of any government agency. By understanding the ever-changing landscape of threats, agencies can make informed decisions that protect both their citizens and their data. Our Intelligence team monitors global trends and produces detailed reports that identify potential risks. We also offer real-time support, so that our clients can always be prepared for whatever comes next. 


Counterintelligence includes active measures taken to protect against hostile intelligence activities. It also includes identifying and counteracting the espionage activities of foreign intelligence agencies. End to End’s counterintelligence services help government agencies thwart the efforts of foreign intelligence agencies to gain access to sensitive information. In addition, counterintelligence helps to prevent these agencies from using stolen information to damage the security of the United States.

At End to End, we are proud to offer our support in these important endeavors. Intelligence and counterintelligence work is essential to the safety and security of our nation, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to those who protect us.

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