End to End Computing, like many other organizations, is actively engaged in the effort to support our community as we work together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many small businesses, we have decided to lend our skills and expertise to assist where needed.

End to End Computing is helping educators learn how to effectively leverage technology to continue to provide educational support to their students. We are providing FREE training and technical support to educators.

FREE Training for Educators:

With the increased use in technology due to the requirement for educators to work from home, there is a heightened risk for cyber criminal activity. While the world is focused on combating the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber criminals are also working to exploit the increase in online activities. Cyber criminals can infiltrate systems to access sensitive data such as student information and use ransomware or other malicious software to disrupt or stop operations and steal sensitive data.

End to End Computing is providing FREE cyber awareness training to educators on how to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

FREE Technical Support for Educators:

Prior to COVID-19 many educators did not have a need to use video conferencing services to interact with their students. Since the pandemic, educators have to identify efficient ways to bring a sense of normalcy and continued structure to meet their students educational needs via tele/video conferencing services such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, SKYPE, Google Hangout and more.

End to End Computing understands that some educators may not have the technical know-how to set up these tele/video conferencing services, so we are providing FREE technical support to educators. We will assist you in setting up and configuring these services, and we will also provide training on how to securely use the technology to protect your students’ information and school data.

We are thankful for the educators who are volunteering in their communities to assist students in need.

Please contact End to End Computing at educator-support@eecomputing.com, or fill out a support request form here.