Securing your organization’s network has become an increasingly critical task each year. As many operations are becoming virtual, the responsibility and sophistication of IT networks has seen rapid growth. With this virtualization comes an increased reliance on IT infrastructure and an increased threat of cyber attacks.

How Can You Manage Expenses and Still Stay Secure?

Making sure your client’s network is protected and compliant with security regulations isn’t a small expense. Hiring in-house security staff, purchasing backup hardware and network services, performing penetration tests, preparing and monitoring your network for data breaches; it all adds up pretty quickly.

We’ve introduced Singularity-IT as a way for Managed Security Providers to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity to their organizations for a fraction of the cost of in-house security solutions. Singularity is a comprehensive solution that goes beyond compliance and puts sophisticated tools for managing network security in your hands.

Planning, Visibility, and Control


Implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity for your network requires a solid plan. This means performing audits, analyzing your network for points of failure, and compiling a list of products and services that meet your budget. Every network is unique, and your organization relies on a tailored plan that meets your needs and your expenses.

Singularity includes the development of a roadmap to expedite the maturity of your organization’s security. The solution will give you a clear plan for rapidly developing your network’s security to regulatory compliance and beyond.


Singularity also includes the installation of multiple dashboards that allow you to easily monitor and respond to new threats. This means you can maintain a constant awareness of your network’s security and react appropriately in any situation.

Additionally, singularity provides you with a Security Operations Center without the costs and time required for an in-house SOC. Hiring a security broker service such as Singularity gives your organization an updated SOC to easily manage the security of your entire network in one place.


Singularity will work with multiple cloud providers for a hybrid solution to your cybersecurity needs. This means in-depth network controls that allow you to adjust your network security on a granular scale to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our solution also includes tools for managing your remote workers, Bring Your Own Device programs, mobile security, and all the updated requirements of a cutting-edge IT network. Singularity helps your network transition into supporting virtual roles while carefully managing your operational security.

Beyond Compliance

IT networks are targeted according to their level of security. Data breaches are often planned in a way that is partially indiscriminate to the specific network. In other words, attackers scan for vulnerable targets before searching for individual attack vectors. Taking your network off the list of unsecured or partially secured targets will vastly reduce attention from attackers.

No matter your initial network security level, Singularity will bring your organization up to the latest cybersecurity regulations and beyond.

Level 0: Unprepared

This is where every network starts before implementing security solutions. These are organizations that lack network security tools, rely on software with widely known exploits, and are generally wide open for data breaches. These are prime targets for attackers who scan local networks and use internet-enabled tools to find unsecured networks.

Level 1: Reactive

These are networks with the means to react to data breaches without means to prevent them. This category mostly includes private businesses who meet the fundamental requirements for reacting to a data breach or compromised network, but they do not employ active monitoring and prevention techniques.

Level 2: Compliant

Compliant networks are organizations that meet the latest cybersecurity regulations. This could be public organizations that meet regulations by law, or it could be private organizations with a priority on cybersecurity. However, cybersecurity threats are aware of the latest regulations and more skilled attackers work around the regulations to find new exploits.


Singularity will take your network beyond fundamental compliance. Our team of cybersecurity professionals are very familiar with the latest tools and tactics involved in sophisticated data breaches. Beyond reactive and compliant network security, singularity is proactive and utilizes cutting-edge practices to bring your network security well above most networks. 

A Distinct Advantage

Our Singularity-IT service offers features that similar services simply don’t have.

Compliance with government standards, full visibility into your Managed Security Services, vulnerability management, managed intrusion detection systems, network visibility tools, and more. You won’t find these services in one place at other providers, and this is just a handful of features that give Singularity a distinct advantage.

Singularity includes the services of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer, a hybrid Security Operations Center solution, and a zero-trust model that prevents exploitation of automated authentication systems. As previously mentioned, Singularity also includes security management of remote workers, cloud services, and Bring Your Own Device programs.

The Bottom Line

Not only is Singularity a cut above other off-site network security solutions, a comprehensive network security solution can bring excellent cost reduction to your bottom line.

Implementing these services in-house can be prohibitively expensive. Many organizations remained unsecured or partially secured due to the costs of implementing network security. Hiring security staff, planning a network security budget, and maintaining network security tools can be costly as an initial and ongoing investment.

Singularity protects your revenue by reducing costs and implementing cutting-edge network security in one comprehensive program. Let us take care of your network security, hand you the reins, and provide you with top quality support.